Divine Lotus
2018 Taoli World Dance Competition Showcase
Sacred Tibetan Water
2018 World Dance Championship
National Dance Day
2018 Kennedy Center
2018 East Meets West
Red-Crowned Crane


Enchanted Youth
Origin of Dai
2017 East Meets West
Osmanthus Blooming
2016 Kennedy Center
Beauty of the Luo River
2018 World Dance Showcase
Jade Dancers
2018 Chinese New Year show

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Xuejuan Dance Recital 2017
1. Season of Blossoms - 花开时节:  Youtube   Youku
2. Be You: Youtube   Youku   
3. Zhuo Ma – 卓玛: Youtube    Youku
4. Auspicious Clouds - 云纹: Youtube   Youku   
5. Incense - 熏香: Youtube   Youku
6. Dance Technique Combinations - 基本功训练组合: Youtube Youku  
7. Chinese Classical Dance Combinations – 古典, 汉唐舞蹈组合: Youtube Youku   
8. Divine Serendipity - 天赐吉祥: Youtube Youku    
9. Chinese Folk Dance Combinations – 中国民族民间舞蹈组合: Youtube Youku  
10. Flute Tale – 笛中花: Youtube Youku   
11. A Ray of Sunshine - 那一片阳光: Youtube Youku   
12. Child of the Sea – 鱼儿: Youtube Youku   
13. Yearning for Home - 乡愁无边: Youtube Youku   
14. Arirang - 阿里郎: Youtube Youku  
15. Flying Apsaras – 飞天: Youtube
16. Lotuses in June – 六月清荷: Youtube Youku
17. Bow – 谢幕: Youtube Youku ​ 

Lotus - 荷
Xuejuan Chinese Dance Concert
Millennium Stage of Kennedy Center
Video Link:  http://www.kennedy-center.org/video/index/M6552
Osmanthus Blooming
Xuejuan Dance Recital
Jewish Community Center of Maryland, MD
Peach Blossom
Chinese New Year Show
Strathmore Music Center, MD
Lotuses in June
The 11th World Dance Showcase
Washington D.C
Mar. 2013